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Yeah I called her up. She gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something. I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention.
Skrittle is getting better

We have been listening to the feedback from you and the main two complaints we get are:

1.) Not enough sites in the Skrittle database
2.) Parts of the site are not visually appealing

So we are addressing those issues. First, we have started seeding the Skrittle database with popular links from twitter. We are slowly rolling this in so we can test if the sites are what we want being suggested. But the Skrittle database is now over 1000 sites. You can help us seed the database by going to sites you like and clicking the Skrittle button. If that site is not already in the database, it will be added.

Secondly, What we have done is gone out and brought in a real designer, Brant Clater from Eindruck design. Yesterday we rolled out a quick color change but we will soon have a full redesign of the site. We are very excited to have a proper logo and design for the Skrittle.

We appreciate your feedback and would like to hear more. We want the honest brutal truth so that we can make Skrittle a great service for you. We would love to hear from you so email our founder at

Thanks for using Skrittle!

The Skrittle Team

The State Of the Internet

Have you ever heard the saying that people only use 10% of their brain? It is debated if it is true or not but all that it is implying is that we can be better as people. What we do know is that we probably only use the internet to 10% of its potential. Part of the problem is that we as users don't know where to look to find better content than we already have. Instead of only going to sites that big companies tell us to go to, we need to actively seek out and spread the word about sites with great content. Skrittle is working to do that and working to help users discover great content on the web.

Skrittle Users

Thank you so much for visiting Skrittle. We are in the process of gaining traction, fixing bugs and making a great product. We know we have a ways to go and we appreciate you all checking out the site at such an early stage. We have recently gotten feedback that the site doesn't do a good job of explaining what it does (Big Problem). We have started to fix that by creating a new video for the site that explains Skrittle. You can see that on the homepage of Skrittle.

Honest feedback is critical for us. We want to make a product that will be useful to lots of people and not just us here at Skrittle. So, any feedback about what you like, don't like, want to see on the site, etc. would be great for us. We want the truth, good or bad. We can handle it.

Thanks again for visiting Skrittle and we hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

Ben Hall
Founder / Developer - Skrittle


We here at Skrittle believe in the lean startup method. So we are changing things regularly and quickly to improve the user experience. Our main goal is to help users find the tons of great content that we are all missing out on on the web. The main change we have recently made is adding videos to the Skrittle marklet. When looking for new sites you will now see pictures along with the cool web balls. These videos can be linked from YouTube, Vimeo, and Hulu. We will be adding a feature which will allow you to filter what appears in the Skrittle Marklet by video or website. And we will also be adding more sites that we allow video links to come from.

Skrittle is a service we love using and find very useful. We are constantly wanting to make it better and would love to hear the changes you would like to see. If you want to leave feedback fill out the feedback form here or email us at

Thanks for using Skrittle!

About Skrittle

Skrittle helps you find new websites by suggestions sites based off the current site you are on. It is currently in private beta. But since you are here, you probably already know that. To signup Click Here

Click here to see a quick example of how the site works.

Skrittle Skrittle Skrittle

Welcome everybody!!!

We here at Skirttle are tired of being limited to content from sites that have the most money. Just because those sites have lots of money and can promote the site a bunch to get the traffic doesn't mean they have the best content. Sometimes they do, but the web has so much more great content that we are all missing. Skrittle helps you find that missing content. We are here to change the way we all discover new sites.

Skrittle is now released on a limited beta. We are only allowing 500 users for the first release, so send it out to your friends and get signed up!

If you have any questions use the feedback form or email