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The BEST way to WASTE time on the Internet!
Why Skrittle?
We believe the internet is here to entertain us. So Skrittle has been created to help us find the entertainment the internet provides!
How does Skrittle work?
Install the Skrittle Button. Then when you are on any site, click the Skrittle Button and the bouncy balls appear. The balls are websites and the images are videos. Find a site or video that sounds interesting and click on it to visit and explore that site.
Inside Skrittle
The sites that are being suggested to you are suggestions from similar users that like the current site you are on. If you end up visiting a site you don't like, click the Skrittle Button and then click the thumbs down, then that site will never be suggested to you again. Any site you click the thumbs up for will appear on your bookmark page.